The Ognite Flameless Digital Candle

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Ognite Box

Forty amber LEDs and a tiny computer, neatly packed into a matchbox. There are no other parts or pieces.

Box Slightly Ajar

The matchbox is deconstructed to become the board, the battery case, and the assembly tools.

Box Becomes

The LED leads are clipped to become the electrical circutry.

Clipped leads reused

Minimal Design. Maximal Reuse.

40 LEDs + Chip + Box + Effort = Ognite


Full Flame

Take a few steps back and the one dimensional stream of 1's and 0's

becomes a living, dancing flame!



Ognite wins an Editor's Choice award at MakerFaire 2013!

Technical Development Blog Here!

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FAQ here

Ognite Chip Firmware on GitHub!

Bill of materials here!

Lasercutter-ready files here!

A lovely PCB-based Ognite clone here!

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